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Excuse Me

But I Just Have To, Explode!

Despaired Soul
23 November
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some interests:
Bjork, Bjork Gudmundsdotir, all bjork songs, Dancer in the Dark, all bjork albums, Radiohead, Kid A, OK Computer, Creep, Amnesiac, The Bends, All Neon Like, Pagan Poetry, All Is Full of Love, It's in our Hands, Nine Inch Nails, Hurt, The Great Below, Into the Void, La Mer, Reptile, Something I Can Never Have, all N.I.N. albums, Tool, all Tool Albums, Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Sullen Girl, Tidal, Never Is A Promise, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Fast As You Can, Criminal, The Cranberries, The Cure, Bloodflowers, Veruca Salt, Big Time Sensuality, sensuality, sex, drugs, alcohol, crying, tears, poetry, human behavior, emotions, expression, relationships, bodies, skin, flesh, beauty, Amelie, American Beauty, foreign films, Ewan McGregor, LOTR, Trent Reznor, David Bowie, The Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Brian Froud, Amy Brown, faeries, mythology, fantasy, dragons, wizards, mermaids, elements, earth, fire, water, air, oceans, sky, moon, darkness, shadow, pain, creativity, individuality, words, Kabuki, drama, infinity, incense, folk lore, stories, time, unicorns, plants, angels, spirits, souls, eyes, knives, daggers, piercings, tatoos, candles, anime, fear, hate, love, numbness, crystals, stones, The Crow, Edward Scissorhands, music, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton, stars, walking, hiking, camping, nature walks, traveling, night walks, night, joy, despair, death, life, feeling, blood, unison, Scotland, Ireland, Scottish festivals, Renaisance times, Renaisance fair, art, poetry, dancing, self-expression, delusions, denial, acceptance, insanity, drowning, suicide, weakness, strength, Marilyn Manson, Anti-Christ Superstar, Portishead, Belly, Bush, Brom, The City of Lost Children, photography, film, observing, wax, roses, mystery, torture, bondage, dominatrix, passion, progress, human progress, growth and development, innocense, lyrics, cuddling, The Last Unicorn, imps, sprites, pixies, goblins, reading, drawing, pencils, charcoals, watercolors, chalks, pastels, oils, paints, connecting, RAIN, the smell of rain, comics, Jay and Silent Bob, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Adult Swim, Loreena McKennitt, Poe, Smashing Pumpkins, The White Stripes, flames, needles, anything sharp, dipping, streams, magik, vampyres, full moon, shooting stars, blades, reflection, perspective, point of view, anorexia, starvation, denying one's self, nature, belief, hope, live for the moment, spontaneousity, ravers, goths, individuality, ghosts, the unexplainable, self portraits, movies, friendship, Slayer, Pantera, Nirvana, Almost Famous, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Braveheart, GREEN, shades, weaving, weeping, black, innocense lost, lost, confusion, hopelessness, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, SQUEE!, Wobbly Headed Bob, Devi, outbursts, keeping everything locked in, secrets, weirdos, being misunderstood, being understood, being lost, being found, Elton John(old), Madonna(old), blacking out, drifting...fading..., self destruction, self mutilation, murder, conflict, relaxation, peaceful moments, orange juice, poison, Garbage, Bolemia, Mira, Projekt:Gothic, 12 Tales, mutations, mutilations, defects, imperfections, caressing, trickling, instruments, lying, truth, facades, faces, Six Feet Under, Ghostworld, Thora Birch, Tank Girl, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, mind games, Freax, waterfalls, oregon, grey, clouds, Dew, dawn, dusk, drapery, Kidney Thieves, L7, Earshot, The who, Led Zepplin, Violet Indiana, The Legendary Pink Dots, Rasputina, Miranda Sex Garden, Flir, Devics, Coldplay, Cranes, Creatures, Portishead, Roads, Cowboy, Sigur Ros, Untitled #1, Chemical Brothers, The Test, p.J. Harvey, We Float, Placebo, Special K, Lost Highway, Gia, Lost And Dilerioius, tweek, ice, glass, speed, David Bowie, Cocteau Twins, Hooverphonic, Boards of Canada, Run Lola Run, The Princess and the Warrior, He Loves Me He Loves Me Not, Jane's Addiction